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  • Screw conveyor,screw conveyor system

  • applied for transporting granular and powder materials

    Workable length:15-35m



  • Model: LSS12

LSS Screw conveyor system can be used in flour mill plant to apply for the delivery of granular and floury materials with high efficiency, stable performance, high quality and competitive price.

LSS Screw conveyor system has features of stable performance, simple structure and easy operation. Materials can be collected and distributed anywhere on the processing line. The machine is suited for grain processing plants, animal feed plants and other industries.

The types of screw conveyor
incline screw conveyor
vertical spiral conveyor
horizontal screw conveyor
screw conveyor with silo
adjustable height conveyor
U-Grooved conveyor elevator

Principle of Screw Conveyor system:
A shaft welded with screw is installed in a trough type casing. Granular or pulverulent products are fed into the machine and transferred straight forward to the discharging outlet by the rotoring screw welded on the shaft.

Features of LSS Series Screw Conveyor:
- Modular design and excellent fabricating,Stable performance
- Inlets and outlets can be configured as required.
- Low maintenance cost,Dust-tight housing, high degree of sanitation.
- Easy maintenance, low operating energy consumption,Long lifetime.
- Inlet trough with progressive solid-flight screw for uniform storage bin discharge.
- High capacity and high efficiency
- High wear resistance clod rolled screw blade
- Reasonable structure, easy operation and repairing procedure.
- Advanced technical parameters, great adaptability
- Various types meet different working requirement .

Customized Service according these factors
Material : carbon steel , stainless steel
power voltage , frequency
conveyor length
inclination angle
special design

Application of Screw Conveyor:
- Horizontal or inclined material conveying, distribution, collection, mixing and discharge
- Screw conveyor is widely applied in flour milling machine factory and feed manufacturing plants, malt houses, bulk storage systems, food processing facilities, fertilizer factories, and in chemical and related industries
- For floury and mealy, fine- and coarse-grained materials

Technical data of LSS Screw Conveyor:

Type Workable length Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
LSS-12 15m 0.7-1.2 0.4-1.4
LSS-16 20m 1.0-2.2 0.75-1.5
LSS-20 25m 1.5-3.6 0.75-2.2
LSS-25 30m 3.0-6.1 1.1-4.0
LSS-32 30m 6.5-12 1.5-5.5
LSS-40 35m 12.5-21 2.2-7.5
LSS-50 35m 20-35.1 3.0-11

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