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Air Suction Separator

The TXFL series air suction separator is used for removing the light impurities ( such as: grain skin, dust and so on) from the grain material ( such as: wheat, rice, corn, oil material and so on). It

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Pulse Filter,Low Pressure Jet Filter

low pressure jet filter,TBLM series low pressure jet filter in cleaning processing,jinggu supply high quality low pressure jet filter,low pressure jet filter application

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Roots Blower for sale,Roots Blower price

Roots blower widely used in electricity,petroleum,steel industry,smelling,food,oxygen making,spinning,vacuum packing,paper making,aquaculture,sewage treatment,pneumatic conveying.Chinese Manufacurer M

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Air Lock for sale,Air Lock application

Air lock rotary valve is also known as the rotary valve, star feeder, star discharging valve material, star unloader, star valve, rotary valve, ash discharge valve and so on. For uniform discharge or

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High Pressure Fan,Low Pressure Fan

TY new efficient high pressure fan, high wind pressure, air pressure, ventilation volume stability, low noise, smooth operation. Mainly applicable to the processing of wheat 100-400 tons of wheat flou

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