FSFG High Square Plansifter

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  • FSFG High Square Plansifter

  • Number of Plaid:15-18

    Squire of sieve(㎡):30.2


    Size (mm):2510×2500×1940

  • Model: FSFG6×16

FSFG High Square Plansifter is widely used for fine classification of granule and sifting of flour materials. And High square plansifter sieve is main equipment for manufacturing wheat flour or maize flour.

FSFG High Square Plansifter includes FSFG6×16, FSFG6×24, FSFG8×24 and manufactred from high quality steel with good mechanical and elelctrical performance

Features of FSFG High Square Plansifter
1. All steel plates are made by high quality steel plate.
2. All plate adopt laser cutting machine.
3. Bending and welding adopt numerical control bender and argon arc welding.
4. The suspender of highquire plansifter adopts glass fiber reinforced plastics suspender.
5. Screen frame and surface grid adopt aluminium alloy material, its accuracy is high and will not be distorted.
6. All steel should be carried on parkerising and shot blasting treatment, then spray paint or baking finish.
7. High-quality clean and quickly to push materials.

Principle of High square plansifter sieve:
FSFG series square plansifter is driven by a motor which is installed inside the main frame and counter-balanced by a counterweight. Each machine has 4, 6, or 8 sections sieves inside. Different materials flow into different sections on their own route. According to individual design for different materials, the sieves sift different granular materials to different passages in flour mills when the whole machine is running.

Application of FSFG High square plansifter sieve:
1. It is widely used for fine classification of granule and sifting of flour materials.
2. Mainly used for grinded wheat and middle material sifting, can also be used for flour check sifting.
3. Different sieving design serves for different sifting passages and different middle materials.
4. With high sifting capacity, outstanding sanitation and product safety, flexibility through modular concept.

FSFG High square plansifter sieve is applied in the purification and grading of semolina and fine semolina in durum, soft wheat and corn mills.With mutideck sieves, the plansifter grades, screens and sizes the mixing materials and gets the fine flour at the end of the flow.

FSFG High square plansifter sieve

Type Number of Plaid Squire of sieve(m2) Power Size (mm)
FSFG6×16 15-18 30.2 Y132S-6(3.0kw) 2510×2500×1940
FSFG6×24 22-24 52 Y112M-6(5.5kw) 2510×1640×2440
FSFG8×24 22-24 76 Y112M-6(7.5kw) 3380×2480×3740

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