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  • Maize/corn flour mills

  • A:1880




  • Model: SS25100,SS25125

Maize/corn flour mills can be divided into maize fine flour, maize germ, maize bran and fodder flour machine. Maize grinder machine also divided into large scale flour mill plant and small scale automatic production line.

The production of maize meal requires a maize mill. The mill is constructed of various parts each responsible for performing functions such as sorting, cleaning, conveying, conditioning, grinding,crushing, purifying, and bagging. The mill will be housed in a building that contains all of its operations.

Features of Maize Grinding Machine:
1. Turnkey project of maize grinder machine.
2. Advanced technology support and customized design.
3. Thorough crafts and rational allocation.
4. Low power consumption.
5. Perfect after-sales service.
6. One year guarantee.

Diamond Brand SS Model Flour Mill Features:
1. The perfect combination of Italy technology and China manufacture.
2. This flour mill is an intelligent milling machine with the highest degree of automation.
3. The machine adopts modular component integration, and it has flexible function change.
4. The whole equipment can be completely open to check the key components.
5. Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Two kinds of machine types:
1, The standard specification for flour mill
This type has pneumatic servo control, easy maintenance and high cost performance.
2, The intelligent specification for flour mill
The type has completely cancelled the gas source and pneumatic control to adopt electric actuator.
Control and response speed is quick and accurate, so the unattended operation can be fully realized.

Maize grinder machine main technical data

Type A B Power Weight(kg)
SS25100 1880 1130 5.5-30kw 4000
SS25125 2130 1380 5.5-30kw 4500

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