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Steel Structure Workshop for Grain Milling

If you are manufacturer to produce bulk production of grain flour, we can supply you quality grain flour mill, and we are also able to offer professional assistance with steel structure workshop for g

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Steel Grain Storage Silo

Our steel grain storage silo is a kind of barrel-shaped storage bin for various grains as well as powdery materials and animal feedstuff.

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Cover Stretcher

The Cover Stretcher or sieve cloth stretcher is a dedicated device used to stretch and fix the sieve cloth onto the sieve frames of the plansifter. It can evenly and smoothly set the sieve cloth witho

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Wheat Allocated System,Volume Wheat Proportioner,Wheat Mixer

Wheat Allocated System,Volume Wheat Proportioner,Wheat Mixer is usually used to mix cereals according to the ratio or supply certain amount of materials. It is a necessary piece of equipment for flour

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Power Control,power control system

The power control system is proper distribution cabinet,for distribution the power of whole plant, This is series distribution cabinets are flour machine electrical equipment producted by our company.

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Flour packing machine,packing machine

Flour packaging machine can be divided into ration automatic packing machine, double screw automatic packing machine, single screw flour packing machine, double station, cumulative weighter of process

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automatic control system,Control Console

Control Console is the power control system or proper distribution cabinet used for distribution the power of whole plant with good characteristics, such as small volume and low-voltage electrical app

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Bucket Elevator,TDTG mobile hopper bucket elevtor

Bucket elevators,also called a grain leg, Ideal solution for vertical transport of dry bulk material. TDTG mobile hopper bucket elevtor is hot product, which is a fixed mechanism for hauling materia

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Screw conveyor,screw conveyor system

LSS Screw conveyor system can be used in flour mill plant to apply for the delivery of granular and floury materials with high efficiency, stable performance, high quality and competitive price.

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